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Brief About B.S Program

The objective of this program is to produce Biomedical Engineers of International standards. This can best be achieved by training the students at hospital of University The field of Biomedical Engineering encompasses the knowledge of electronic circuits & devices and their biomedical applications. The students learn variety of subjects of diverse fields, including, Applied calculus, Human Anatomy, Computer Applications in Medicine, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Digital Electronics, Computer Programming, Database System, Network Analysis, Introduction to Physiology, Telemedicine, Signal Processing, Embedded System, Biomedical Instrumentation –I & II Medical Informatics, Biomaterials, Medical Imaging, Prosthetics & Artificial Organs, Medical Automation & Robotics, and Neural Network. The courses taught are regularly updated to keep abreast with new knowledge and development. The students also undertake a project during their final year, which help them to entrance their capabilities as young design engineers.