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Health professions education has been undergoing constant change and drastic improvements across the world. Policies pertaining to teaching and learning have vastly been transformed, however, implementation has lagged behind in most parts of the world. As the demands for professionalization and strengthening of educational regulations intensifies with the launch of global standards by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), major modifications in the present health professions educational setup have become imminent.

The educational transformations coupled with the push for reforms (by WFME), such as curriculum integration, implementation of modern teaching methodologies, and more reliable assessment techniques, the health professions educator has come at the center of change and the time is thus right to equip our educators with the right skills which may enable them to help health professions institutes and the students adapt to change, become better versions of themselves and attain competencies at par with the world. The department of medical education serves the purpose of facilitating the transition of Liaquat University from offering traditional to modern medical education.

Vision & Mission

To assist in implementation of the vision and mission of LUMHS Jamshoro to become a centre of excellence in health care, research and community service by enhancing the quality and competence in medical education of health professionals of University


To start and upgrade robust faculty professional program for the enhancement of evidence based, quality medical educational skills in University teachers.


The multidisciplinary training is conducted as per a three-pronged strategy of training the:
1. Faculty Development
2. Supervisors
3. Post Graduate Trainees


Eligibility criteria
Teaching Faculty of Medical & Dental College & Nursing Institute /University (recognized by PMDC/PMC)

1. Duration: 06 Months; 3 contact sessions (4 days each) after every 2 Months.
2. Application form can be downloaded from https://lumhs.edu.pk/dme/ and to be submitted (duly filled) at Department of Medical Education along with required documents and supported with Pay Order / Demand Draft of PKR 5000/-, (Non-Refundable) in the name of Director – DME, HBL Account No: 00727901891103 – Titled: Director Medical Education
3. Last Date of submission of applications: July 21, 2023
Download Application Form
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