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Introduction of Medical Research Center

Medical Research Centre (MRC) Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences (LUMHS), Jamshoro, Pakistan was established during the year 2003. It’s building encompasses a comprehensive and the latest collection of scientific and medical equipments under the title of Multidisciplinary Science Laboratory and Molecular Biology and Genetics Laboratory. Researchers at MRC also utilize the facilities available at Research and Diagnostic Laboratory (R&D Lab) of the University.

Medical Research Center coordinates the scientific activities of LUMHS and all medical and scientific queries and problem converge at this platform for due address.

Following are the main objectives of Medical Research Center.
  1. To generate research tradition through arranging research possibilities.
  2. To carry out research proposal in collaboration with the university departments.
  3. To encourage and motivate faculty members of LUMHS to spare time for research work besides their clinical, teaching and other responsibilities.
  4. To facilitate young medical graduates, postgraduates and faculty members of host institution in research methodology.
  5. To motivate postgraduate medical students in carrying out medical research for their degree such as Ph.D.
The administrative staff is headed by Director Research, who is focal person for achievement of MRC goals and objectives.