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Introduction of Medical Research Center

The Medical Research Center (MRC) improves the health of people in the Pakistan- and around the world - by supporting excellent science, and training the very best scientists.

What We Do

The Medical Research Centre (MRC) conducts research in several areas and provision of technical and advisory research services, as well as any assistance to local and international clients/investigators/sponsors who might need technical support or collaboration in health research implementation. MRC, through the established hospital-based clinical research sites, works in close cooperation with Pakistani health facilities to host clinical research/trials. We work with other research institutes, academics, and business communities to promote and facilitate national and international collaborations and use their networks and influence to build new partnerships that produce excellent research and innovation in health sector.
  • Research project proposal development and grant writing
  • Networking (linkage of researchers, private partnership, government institution, NGOs, R&D Industries, Pharmaceutical Companies, etc.) to produce excellent research and innovation projects
  • National Health Research Review
  • Mediating research compliance with standards, guidance and good practices (i.e. GCP ICH, GCLPs, GLPs and GMPs, etc.).
  • Health research implementation and delivery
  • Management of “National Research Program for Universities” – NRPU
  • Human Resource Capacity Building and Transformation in Clinical Research
  • Young research career development (hosting interns from academic institutions who want to build their career in health research)
  • Driving Evidence-Based Health Care and Data to Policy initiatives through Systematic Reviews
    and Meta-Analyses to Inform Public Policy Decisions.

Research Targets

International collaborators