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Molecular Biology & Genetics


Molecular biology & Genetics is a rapidly developing field of biological sciences that involves the study of organisms on a cellular and molecular level. It has many important applications such as biomedical sciences, molecular medicine, disease prevention and treatment, generation of new protein products, and manipulation of plants and animals for desired phenotypic traits. The study of living things at molecular and genetic levels have undergone tremendous development and expansion in the last  two-  three decades, and as a result undergraduate education in topics such as molecular cell biology, molecular genetics and genomics are becoming of higher interest.

Genetics and Molecular Biology program at LUMHS offers a Bachelor of Science degree upon completion of a 4-year curriculum taught in English. Students will be mainly educated in molecular biology and various fields of genetics that are designed to train students for post graduates studies in the related fields. In addition, optional courses include other fields of biology such as immunology, Physiology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Epidemiology and Bioinformatics.


To develop Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics as national and international recognized highest seat of learning for cutting edge research of Molecular Genetics.

Mission Statemen

Research, Academia, Creative Events, and Discovery
To develop a culture of excellence that results in flourishing, sustainable, and internationally recognized molecular biology research, academia and discovery in different aspects of molecular biology to uplift the society as a whole.

Graduate Experience
To provide infrastructure with the latest and modern facilities to talented students and produces graduates with profound understanding and knowledge of different areas of molecular biology and genetics.
cademia- industry integrating research
To develop a conducive academic and research environment to lead the country in the area of Molecular Genetics by developing a  progressive roadmap for academia- industry integrating research, education, and economic development of the country.

Faculty and Staff
To develop a work environment that facilitates to groom and flourish creativity, excellence, and self-esteem in faculty and staff. to enable them to respond the changing needs, cuddles diversity, values communication and collaboration.


  • Teaching and training to generate a cadre of manpower trained for utilization of molecular biology and genetics applications

  • To undertake goal oriented molecular biological research on specific problems, related to economic needs of the country, in agriculture, health & medicine, industrial, energy and environmental sectors

  • To organize national and international seminars and conferences for in-depth discussions on scientific and technological developments, this will lead to new ideas and innovative application of knowledge in gene cloning and recombinant DNA technology