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VOLUME 18 NUMBER 04 - october - december 2019


Dengue Outbreak in Pakistan: Status, Challenges and way Forward [PDF]
Waris Qidwai


The Hajj: Hazards of Heat Exposure and Prevalence of Heat Illnesses among Pilgrims [PDF]
Suhaila Qari


Reducing Surgical Site Infections in Fractured Neck of Femur Patients: A Closed Loop Audit and Literature Review [PDF]
Kashif Memon, Randeep Singh Heer, Naeem Raza, Malik Moiz

Different Attributing Factors of Anemia among Pregnant Women [PDF]
Naheed Parveen, Farhana Shaikh, Erum Siddiqui, Madiha Abbasi

Clinical Analysis of Ectopic Pregnancy in a Tertiary Care Hospitals [PDF]
Shazia Rani, Pushpa Goswami, Farhana Rajpar, Shazia Awan, Fahmida Gul

Misplaced Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) Presentation, Diagnosis and Management [PDF]
Farhana Shaikh, Naheed Parveen, Agha Taj Mohammad

Nutritional Status of Mothers of Well-Nourished Children versus Malnourished Children at Civil Hospital Hyderabad [PDF]
Bindia Kailash, Salma Shaikh, Muhammad Nadeem Chohan, Muhammad Hanif, Mushtaque Ali Shah

Outcome of Guillain-Barr’e Syndrome after Five Sessions of Plasmapheresis [PDF]
Salma Haji

Frequency of the Dengue Fever in Patients with Acute Febrile Illness at Diagnostic & Research Laboratory, Hyderabad [PDF]
Abid Hussain Chang, Faheem Ahmed Memon, Jai Kirshan, Ameer Bux Detho, Muhammad Muqeem Mangi, Khalid Yousif Memon

Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma: International Prognostic Scoring System Risk Stratification at A Tertiary Care Center in Punjab [PDF]
Umera Saleem, Rafeeda Maab, Muhammad Asif Naveed, Hajrah Syndeed, Ambareen Hamid

Effect of two Different Types of Surface Sealants on Micro-Leakage of Class V Composite Restoration [PDF]
Nazish Fatima, Sidra Mohiuddin

Assessment of Effects of Areca Nut in the Development of Oral Sub-mucous Fibrosis amongst Nursing Students [PDF]
Erum Aftab, Erum Khan, Farah Anil, Rahmatullah Vinjhar

Tetanus-Toxoid Vaccination among Married Women of Reproductive Age (18-49) and its Association with Socio-demographic in Union Council Kamu Shaheed District Ghotki Sindh [PDF]
Abdul Wahab Somoro, Muhammad Ibrahim Ansari, Ghulam Parwar Soomro, Muhammad Aslam,
Muhammad Siddique Ansari, Kaleemullah Abro

Kap study

Comparison of Separation of Manual and Rotary Files during Endodontic Treatment: A KAP Survey [PDF]
Talha M Siddiqui, Aisha Wali, Junaid Tariq, Hafsa Ghauri


Effectiveness of NSAIDs and Physiotherapy in Acute Low Back Pain on Pain and Function in Workers of Pakistan Textile Industry [PDF]
Imran Ghafoor, Tahirah Kalsoom, Awais Gohar, Akhtar Rasul