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VOLUME 16 NUMBER 01 - January - March 2017


Unsafe Drinking Water - Impact on Health and Economy [PDF]
Mohan Lal Bhootrani, Aneela Atta-u-Rehman


Effects of Exposure to a Variety of Waste on Human Health - A Review [PDF]
Saeid Jafarzadeh-Ghoushchi, Shadi Dorosti


Perceived Stress and its Associated Sociodemographic Factors among Physicians Working in Aseer Region of Saudi Arabia [PDF]
Aesha Farheen Siddiqui, Mousa Ahmed Al Zaalah, Aishah Ali Alqahtani, Mohammad Ali S Alqahtani

Causes of Maxillofacial Injuries in Patients Reporting at Liaquat University Hospital Hyderabad [PDF]
Razia Sultana, Qamer un Nisa, Muhammad Rizwan Memon, Shahnila Shaikh

Splenectomy: Does it help in Patients with Thalassemia Major [PDF]
Abdul Salam Memon, Riaz Memon, Agha Taj Muhammad, Syed Asad Ali, Akmal Jamal Siddiqui

Demographical Evaluation of Laparoscopic versus open Appendectomy at Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital [PDF]
Arshad Hussain Abro, Ahmed Hussain Pathan, Nawaz Ali Dal, Abdul Aziz Laghari, Kamran Hyder Abbasi, Shayan Qasim, Jamrose Durrani

Prevalence and Risk factors for Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders among Sonographer of Sindh Province Pakistan[PDF]
Muneer Ahmed Junejo, Syed Muhammad Tahir, Rasool Bux Behan

To Determine the Diagnostic Accuracy of Curved Multiplanar Reformat of Multidetector CT Scan in Visualizing Zone of Transition in Patients with Intestinal Obstruction [PDF]
Adnan Iqbal, Sikander Shahzad, Pashmina Gul, Bisham Kumar

Pathophysiological Correlation between Diabetes Mellitus Type-II and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases [PDF]
Ahmad N. Bitar, Muhammad Ali Ghoto, Abdullah Dayo, Mudassar Iqbal Arain, Rabia Parveen

Clinico-Pathological Findings in Myeloid Malignancies: A Single Center Experience [PDF]
Faheem Ahmed Memon, Amir Iqbal Memon, Pushpa, Nisar Ahmed, Roohi Nigar, Ikramdin Ujjan

To Determine the Effects of Copper, Zinc and Magnesium in Patients with Pre-Eclampsia [PDF]
Bushra Jamal, Farheen Shaikh, Muhammad Yousuf Memon

Association of Serum Zinc level with Pre Eclampsia [PDF]
Ali Raza Memon, Fareen Waryal Memon, Muhammad Akram, Paras Javed Memon, Irtiza Rahman

Severity of Stress in Nurses Everyday Life in Karachi, Pakistan [PDF]
Badil, Hakim Shah, Syed Arif Ali, Muhammad Arsalan Siddiqui


Making Prescribing Safer in General Practice: Need for Medical Record Keeping in Pakistan [PDF]
Jameel ur Rahman