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VOLUME 13 NUMBER 02 - May - August 2014


Leadership in Healthcare is a neglected issue: A call for action [PDF]
Waris Qidwai


Frequency of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection [PDF]
Aslam Ghouri, Santosh Kumar, Sajjad Ahmed Khan, Mohammad Hanif Ghani, Soniha Aslam, Asadullah

Pattern of Complications and Presenting Features in Patients Implanted Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt due to Hydrocephalus [PDF]
Abdul Munam, Vashdev, Riaz Ahmed Raja

Forehead Flap for Reconstruction of Maxillofacial Region Defects [PDF]
Mohammad Ilyas Shaikh, Fozia Rajput, Safia Khatoon, Muhammad Arif Shaikh

Outcome of Pregnancies Complicated by Fetal Growth Restriction [PDF]
Kavita Roy, Hemlata, Najma Bano Sheikh, Pushpa Goswami

Supracondylar Fracture of Humerus in Children Treated with closed Reduction and Percutaneous Cross Pinning vs. Two Lateral Pinning [PDF]
Kanwar Lal, Muhaamad Ayoub Laghari, Irshad Ahmed Bhutto, Kishore Kumar

Permeatal Approach for Tympanoplasty: Scar-less Approach of External Auditory Canal Integrity [PDF]
Sohail Abdul Malik

Prevalence of Self-Medication and its Practice among the Medical and Non-Medical Students [PDF]
Nehan Syed, Moomal Naseer, Muhammad Qasim Memon, Kenjhar Rani

Realty or Myth Hyponatremia is Common in Admitted Patients in Medical Wards LUMHS Hyderabad [PDF]
Santosh Kumar, Aslam Ghouri, Muzafar Shaikh, Iqbal Shah, Dileep Kumar, Muhammad Awais