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VOLUME 13 NUMBER 01 - January - April 2014


Diabetes Care in Pakistan - A Real Challenge [PDF]
Saeed Ahmed Mahar, Muhammad Shahid


Deliberate Self Poisoning at National Poisoning Control Centre [PDF]
Farhat Bashir, Jamal Ara, Santosh Kumar

An Experience of Steroid in Recurrent Ethmoidal Nasal Polyps at Tertiary Care Hospital [PDF]
Arsalan Ahmed Shaikh, Muhammad Rafique, Muhammad Shujha Farrukh

Vitamin B12 Deficiency with Megaloblastic Anemia: An Experience at Tertiary Care Hospital of Sindh[PDF]
Ghulam Shah Nizamani, Iqbal Ahmed Memon, Azhar Memon, Haji Khan Khoharo

Prevalence of Restless Legs Syndrome in Haemodialysis Patients [PDF]
Rashid Ahmed Shaikh, Shamsuddin Solangi, Suresh Kumar Rathi, Qurban Hussain Shaikh

Analysis of 200 Cases of Tube Thoracostomies Performed by General Surgeons[PDF]
Altaf Ahmed Talpur, Abdul Basir Khaskheli, Syed Fazila Hashmi, Akmal Jamal

Single Dose versus 24 - Hours Antibiotic Prophylaxis against Surgical Site Infections [PDF]
Arshad H Abro, Ahmed Hussain Pathan, Faisal G Siddiqui, Faiza Syed, Abdul Aziz Laghari

Assessment of Hearing Loss in Tympanic Membrane Perforation at Tertiary Care Hospitals [PDF]
Muhammad Rafique, Muhammed Shujah Farrukh, Arsalan Ahmed Shaikh

Missing Doctors? An Investigative Study on the Absenteeism among Medical workers in Community Health Centers (CHCs) in Rural South Karnataka, India[PDF]


Bird's Eye on LMC Dental Graduates Academic Contributory Role to Enhance Undergraduate Dental Education and Vision for Pakistan: A Commentary [PDF]
Shahjahan Katpar, Feroze Kalhoro, Ghazanfar Hassan, Abdul Qadir Dal