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Department of Oral Pathology

The oral pathology is basic science subject and taught to third professional BDS students. The department of oral pathology aims to develop and maintain the standards of excellence in teaching and provide a range of learning opportunities which enables dental students to develop their academic knowledge and interest in full scope of oral pathology. Classes provide an excellent opportunity for students to obtain comprehensive knowledge on oral pathology.

The objective of teaching and learning in oral pathology includes providing adequate knowledge of anomalies, lesions and diseases affecting the oro-facial regions and the importance of etiology and pathogenesis in oral disease. To develop knowledge and understanding of the structural and functional alterations (Histopathology) of the soft and hard tissues with reference to dental/oral related disease. The primary aim is for students to understand the principles and patho mechanisms underlying pathology in oral tissues, jaws and salivary glands. The faculty members of the oral pathology department are senior and highly qualified teachers they imbibe their ability to carry out the gigantic task of teaching through lectures, tutorials, presentations and seminars. They provide excellent service in term of teaching and education is concern in the subject oral pathology.

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