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Multidisciplinary science laboratory is headed by Dr. Binafsha Manzoor Syed and comprises of three main sections
  1. Biochemistry
  2. Physiology
  3. Pharmacology

1. Biochemistry

Incharge: Dr.Shah Muhammad Mahesar
Available equipment:
  1. Polarized Zeeman Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (Hitachi) Z-2000
  2. Universal Gradient HPLC System (Backman Coulter)
  3. Gas Chromatography GC-2014 (Shimadzu Japan)
  4. P/ACE MDQ Capillary Electrophoresis (Backman Coulter)
  5. HPLC-L-2000 Amino Acid Analyzer (Hitachi)
  6. UV-1650 Spetrophotometer (Shimadzu Japan)
  7. DU-800 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (Backman Coulter)
  8. Allegra X-22 R Centrifuge (Backman Coulter)
  9. Optima L-100 PCE 50 Hz Ultra Centrifuge (Backman Coulter)
  10. Variant D-10 Hb HBA1C Automatic Analyser (BioRad )

2. Pharmacology

Incharge: Dr. Nasreen Kazi
Available equipment:
  1. Isolated Organ Bath (Panlab Latica Spain)
  2. Langendorff System (Isolated Perfused Heart System) ( Panlab Latica Spain)
  3. Treadmill ( Panlab Latica Spain)
  4. Feeding Drinking Analyser (UGO Basil S-R-L Italy)
  5. Plethysomometer (UGO Basil S-R-L) Italy
  6. Bronchospasm Transduce (UGO Basil S-R-L Italy)
  7. Cat/ Rabbit Ventilator (UGO Basil S-R-L Italy)
  8. Rodent Ventilator (UGO Basil S-R-L Italy)
  9. Tail – Flick Unit (UGO Basil S-R-L Italy)
  10. pH /mv /Temperature Meter (BenchTop Canada)
  11. Distilation Machine (Bibby Scientific USA)
  12. Water Bath (Shel Lab – Sheldon USA)
  13. ED Heating / Drying Ovan (Binder - Germany)
  14. Chemistry Analyzer / Drug Analyzer XL – Selectra (Vital Scientific Netherlands)
  15. Germinator (Dry Sterelizer) (UGO Basil S-R-L Italy).

3. Physiology

Incharge: Dr. Khalida Shaikh
Available equipment:
  1. Teaching System Case (AD Instrument Australia)
  2. Human Respiratory Kit
  3. Nerve and Muscle Kit
  4. Reflex Kit
  5. Psycho Physiology Kit
  6. Power Lab 4/25/T