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The pharmacy profession is an important aspect of the health-care system. Pharmacy experts guarantee that pharmaceuticals are used safely and effectively across the community, whether in hospitals, clinics, or the general public. The goal of pharmacy is to raise public awareness about the proper use of therapeutic substances and to discourage the misuse of pharmaceuticals. Pharmacists, likewise, play critical roles in the pharmaceutical industry, overseeing production, research and development, quality control, quality assurance, planning, warehouses, regulatory affairs, sales and
marketing, and a variety of other functions, all of which contribute to improved overall performance and quality.

Through the faculty of College of Pharmacy, LUMHS provides high competence based pharmacy education to its students by utilizing resources and an updated curriculum, approved by the Pharmacy Council Pakistan. The curriculum is meant to generate a scientifically and technically proficient pharmacist who can utilize their knowledge to give the best possible health care to the patients. Through tight and cooperative ties with health care practitioners, students are given the opportunity to obtain more experience in patient care. It is the goal of College of Pharmacy, LUMHS to prepare pharmacists who take up responsibilities of the patients and assure the provision of rational drug therapy.


The mission of the college of pharmacy, Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences is to educate, train and provide life-long learning opportunities for students, pharmacist and other health care professionals, while creating disseminating and applying new knowledge based on research in the field of pharmacy and clinical sciences to enhance the quality of life through improved health.


College of Pharmacy, LUMHS strives to support the profession of pharmacy’s vision for practice, research and education by providing an environment for development and appropriate use of medications for the welfare and safety of the public.


Field of pharmacy consists of five (5) disciplines.
1. Pharmaceutics
2. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
3. Pharmacy Practice
4. Pharmacognosy
5. Pharmacology