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Learning Outcomes

Program Intended Learning Outcomes
The intended learning outcomes are listed under four headings

  1. Knowledge and Understanding                 
  2. Cognitive Skills
  3. Practical Skills
  4. Transferable/Capability Skills

A. Knowledge and Understanding

After undergoing this program, a student will be able to
  1. Identify and describe the anatomy and physiology of the stomatognathic system
  2. Identify and describe various pathology associated with the stomatognathic system and understand relevant diagnostic aids
  3. Describe treatment methodologies to restore the stomatognathic system to health
  4. Explain methods of prevention of oral diseases in the individual and the community

B. Cognitive Skills

After undergoing this program, a student will be able to
  1. Diagnose the oral condition of the patient in relation to systemic conditions and Interpret diagnostic data to design a treatment plan
  2. Apply multidisciplinary simulation techniques available to optimize treatment plans
  3. Modify known treatment methodologies to best resolve the patient’s oral disease
  4. Develop a cost effective strategy based on Principles of Oral Health promotion for the community at large to improve oral health status while valuing patients and community as partners

C. Practical Skills

After undergoing this program, a student will be able to
  1. Differentiate manifestations of oral diseases by performing clinical examination in an ethical and empathetic manner
  2. Perform relevant procedures for oral diseases to restore oral health of the patient by selecting appropriate equipment, instruments, simulation labs and materials
  3. Construct a treatment plan for patients with oral symptoms of systemic health conditions and perform procedures and referral to restore health of the patient with compassion
  4. Alleviate pain and infection by administration of appropriate medications and manage medical emergencies associated with dental treatment and maxillofacial trauma in an empathetic manner

D. Capability/ Transferrable Skills

After undergoing the program, a student will be able to
  1. Manage information, develop technical reports and make presentations
  2. Build, Manage and Lead a team to successfully complete a project and communicate across teams and organizations to achieve professional objectives
  3. Work under various constraints to meet project targets
  4. Adopt to the chosen profession by continuously upgrading his/her knowledge and understanding through Life-long Learning philosophy