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Diploma Family Health Care (DFHC)


Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences/Jamshoro has the honor of being first public sector medical university. It is imparting medical and nursing education at undergraduate and post graduate level to thousands of students. Quality of teaching and training is recognized world over. This time around also LUMHS is initiating a project first of its kind Diploma Family Health Care (DFHC). Faculty of DFHC will be representative of all the discipline important in designing, and executing teaching plans as per the need of doctors and community.

Vision and Objectives

Vision of program is to have a state of art family health care system in rural areas of Pakistan and Sindh. There should also be a well designed , cost effective , sustainable and implementable system of medical education based on distance learning for doctors and health care workers to satisfy their needs of continued upgrading the knowledge and skills in essential medical care for families. The department aims to design and implement a distant learning course of study for doctors wishing to expand their knowledge and skills in a family health care or general practice.

The course aims to enhance the quality of general practice and satisfy the desire of doctors for continuing professional development. The purpose of Family Health Care e-Course is to teach and train doctors working in rural areas to improve quality of care being provided by them to the communities who are not able to access costly and distant urban facilities.
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