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Pakistan Journal of Translational Medicine is an open access journal publishing articles focusing on information derived from human experimentation so as to optimize the communication between basic and clinical science.

Aims and Scope
The journal covers all areas of translational medicine but also has several special sections:

  • Cancer microenvironment
  • Cardiovascular, Metabolic and Lipoprotein Translation,
  • Cell, tissue and gene therapy,
  • Clinical translation,
  • Combination strategies
  • Computational modelling and Epidemiology
  • Disease biomarkers
  • Illnesses of Unknown Etiology
  • Immunobiology and immunotherapy
  • Immunovirology
  • Medical Bioinformatics
  • Neuroscience
  • Nutrition & metabolism
  • Pain, Critical Care and Anesthesia
  • Patient-targeted molecular therapies
  • Personalized medicine
  • Translational Imaging
  • Translational hematology

Copyright Statement
Copyright to all articles and supplementary tables, illustrations, or other information published in Pakistan Journal of Translational Medicine will be held by PJTM. Copyright forms are completed and submitted online according to instructions sent at the time of acceptance. The corresponding author will be asked to sign on behalf of all co-authors of the manuscript and is responsible for sharing the terms of the copyright transfer with his co-authors.

Conflicts of Interest
Authors of research articles should disclose at the time of revision any financial arrangement they may have with a company whose product is pertinent to the submitted manuscript or with a company making a competing product. Such information will be held in confidence while the paper is under review and will not influence the editorial decision, but if the article is accepted for publication, a disclosure statement will appear with the article. Because the essence of reviews and editorials is selection and interpretation of the literature, the Journal expects that authors of such articles will not have any significant financial interest in a company (or its competitor) that makes a product discussed in the article.