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Instruction for Students

  • Each student should reach at the center 30 minutes before OSPE.
  • Any student will come late 15 minutes after said time or after the start of OSPE will not allowed to sit in the OSPE.
  • No student is allowed to go outside after enrollment.
  • The enrollment will start 30 minutes before the OSPE.
  • Bags, books, cell phones, laptops, papers, photographs or cameras are strictly prohibited in the Halls of OSPE.
  • Each student is responsible for his own belongings like; Books, bags and cell phones etc.
  • The student is not allowed without admit slip issued by controller examination and Lab coat/ apron in the OSPE venue.
  • Each student is responsible to respect the rules of OSPE.
  • Grouping of the students is sole responsibility of the OSPE team. No student is allowed to interferes the seat number, rotation among the stations or change the shift of OSPE.
  • Each student is responsible to respect the Teacher (Examiner). If anybody misbehaves the member, external or internal examiner or staff, He/ She will be expelled from the exam.
  • Any student found having mobile phones or any other electronic medium should be removed from the OSPE examination and unfair means case shall be registered against him/ her.
  • During the waiting period, student is not allowed to wander here and there, communication by any mean, cheating, shouting or creating some other problems that will obstruct/ disrupt the process of the exam.
  • During the examination if any student will find to have some communication means, that station will be cancelled.
  • During the OSPE two warnings will be given to the student for proper behavior& attitude.
  • After two warnings that student will be labeled as copied and the result will be with held or other serious action will be taken against him.
  • If any student will aggravate or create such an environment to cancel or postpone the OSPE, that student will be penalized with the permission of Honorable Vice Chancellor at least expulsion from that semester.
  • The student has right to ask the process of OSPE before entering into the Halls.
  • Each student must fill the anonymous feedback proforma after the completion of OSPE.
  • Any written complain regarding the examiner, OSPE staff, process, timing and atmosphere will be entertain after proper scrutiny by the Incharge or Chairman of the OSPE.