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Facylty Development Program

The Vice Chancellor Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences hasrecently constituted a Committee for Continuous Medical Education (CCME). This Committee comprised of the Deans Medicine & Surgery and Allied Sciences. The CCME envisages taking up the Faculty Development Program at this institution with special focus on teaching skills vis-à-vis Assessment of Competence, Modes of Information Transfer and Development of Curriculum.

This Faculty Development Program, in phase one, will consist of three modules, each comprising of a series of workshops as follows;

Module 1: Competence Assessment
Module 2: Instructional Methodology
Module 3: Curriculum Development

In view of the pertinence of the themes for medical teachers, it will be mandatory for the entire faculty to attend all three modules. The program will initially involve the newly inducted faculty members. The next target group will be the lecturers, followed by senior faculty. Upon successful completion of each module, the participants will be awarded Certificates of Attendance.