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Department of Neurology


Neurology isa important subspecialty of medicine, Burden of neurological diseases is Increasing worldwideespecially in developing countries
The Department of neurology, Liquate University of Medical & Health Sciences (LUMHS) Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan, is committed to provide excellence in fieldof neurology to produce competent and confident medical graduates as well as postgraduates as well asto provide advance & modern methods of treatment to the patients suffering from neurological diseases.


  1. To improve human health by  providing  clinical services with standard and ethics as well as to promote research in the field of neurology, to fulfill  the requirements of PMDC,CPSP and HEC
  2. To start FCPS,MD,DCN In neurology  by providing  a learning environment along with structured training programs of teaching and research according PMDC ,CPSP and HEC  to help trainees to achieve the best medical knowledge, skills and ethics with committed professional attitude and sincerity 
  3. To provide teaching & training of   post fellowship in the field of neurology ,
  4. To develop the projects of research in the field of neurology by establishing the international& national linkages with other institutions.
  5. To organize the workshops, seminars, symposia & conferences and to create awareness in the general physicians & public about neurological disorders and importance of Neurophysiological services like EEG, EMG, NCV, BAEP, VEP. Neurology department iscommitted to provide clinical services for outdoor patients as well as for indoor patientsas a part of tertiary care hospital .