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Events 2023

MOU Between LUMHS & Association for Biorisk Management- Pakistan 13-02-2024 Faculty Member Meeting at Thatta Campus 20-02-2024 AWARD CEREMONY 2024 AT DEPARTMENT OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY & GENETICS"  
14th Sanate Meeting All Pakistan Intervarsity Chess (Men) Championship at LUMHS White Coat/ Orientation Session CIEC Visit 22-01-2024
Pre-Conference Workshop on SWOT Analysis for Selecting Research Problem Inauguration of Stroke Unit at LUH Hyderabad Entry Test for Degree and Diploma Programs Session 2023-24 Award Distribution Ceremony at MRC 2024
Anatomy Day Talent Hunt Youth Sports League 36th International Conference - Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeons MCAT Exam
Advance Study Board Meeting Inauguration Of PG Hostel and Girls Gymnasium Second Live Bariatric Surgery Workshop Breast Cancer Day
by Dept of Surgery
Cricket Tournament Final Award Distribution Badminton, Table Tennis Tournament Competition Award Distribution Entry Test 2023 British Council
World Hepatitis Day Thatta Campus Opening Ceremony Independence Celebration at Trauma Center Independence Celebration at institute of Dentistry
Culture Day Advance study Board Meeting Inauguration of Urology Unit 02 LUMHS Convocation 2023
Peads Symposium Orientation Day (MBA) Academic Council Meeting CPSP Team visit Opthalmology Institute
IPRS Conference IPRS Poster competition Kashmir Day Rally Mini Symposium on cardiometabolic Disorder
Prime Minister's Youth Laptop Scheme Phase-III 2023 CPSP Team Visit at LUMHS Inauguration Neurology Ward Workshop seven habits of highly effective people