Alumni Center

The Alumni are the past, the present, and the future of Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences (LUMHS). Our mission is to advance the university and Strengthening the collaborative relationship between Alumni and LUMHS for mutual benefits.


To provide an arena for productive linkages and partnership between Alumni with LUMHS for continuous excellence by.

To instill a sense of connectedness between the university (Alma Mater) and its Alumni.

Nurture and maintain continuous cooperation between LUMHS and its alumni for mutual benefit and development.

To facilitate the Alumni as a co-partner for all government agencies and private sectors in the human resources and in hostingseminars, conferences, talks etc which involve the university

Encouraging the involvement of Alumni abroad to further enhance LUMHS's presence and global engagement.

To consolidate the synergy of working closely with the university.

To assist the university by generating income and providing valuable feedback for the purpose of enhancing the image, curriculum co-curiculum of the university.

Core Values

Our core values inform everything we do.

We demonstrate our school spirit through celebration of our strengths and successes.

We will preserve and honor the legacy of our past generations. We will build and sustain emerging events and experiences to become enduring traditions

We embrace, respect and actively encourage every dimension of diversity in all we do.

We are committed to developing and nurturing engaging partnerships that advance learning, education, service & outreach to benefit present and future members of the LUMHS family.

Alumni Board

Vice Chancellor LUMHS Representative of Different Chapter (International) Representative of Different Chapter (National) Manager Alumni Relations Deputy Manager Alumni Relations.