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Comparison of maternal complication in primi gravid undergoing elective caesarean section with spontaneous vaginal delivery at term


: determine the frequency of caesarean section(CS) related maternal complications and similar adverse events associated with vaginal deliveries(VD) during the same period in our set up.
DESIGN: Descriptive case study
SETTING: Department of Obstetric and gynecology, Liaquat university Hospital Hyderabad from January to December 2006
PATIENTS AND METHODS: Total 200 healthy primigravide at term were selected for the study, which underwent delivery by elective CS to had spontaneous VD. They were divide in two groups, each compassion of 100 woman each delivered by elective CS or DV. Maternal characteristics studies were age, indication for elective selection and the morbidity variable including uterine atony, need for blood transfusion febrile illness infection complication. Primigravide who underwent emergency CS, instrument VD or had any obstetric complication like pre-eclampsia or diabetes were excluded from the study. Most of the CS in this study was preformed by senior Resident of Department. Information was collected through a Pre-designed Performa and analyzed through software SPSS10.0,,
RESULT among 100 woman who underwent elective CS, 80 required blood transfusions while only 1- required transfusion in the group who had DV. The inflation morbidity was wound infection and end maturities (13% and 10% respectively) In CS groups while 2% and 10% respectively in DV group. A high number of woman1(10)had uterine atony in the DV group while only two had atony in CS group .six woman had febrile illness in CS group while two woman had it in DV group. Four women required resulting for wound dehiscence in CS group, whereas, two women required resulting in DV group

CONCLUSION: We found a higher morbidity in woman deceived CS ever when the procedure was planned before labour or rupture of membranes when compared with DV, which remains safe, however, infection morbidly related to CS can be prevented by maintaining personal hygiene, proper sterilization and achieving meticulous homeostasis at surgery

Bibi Seema, Firdous Mumtaz, Roshan Ara Qazi, Amna Memon

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