All Faculty Members, specially the Deans, Chairperson, In-charge of the Departments are requested to kindly refer to the attached letter dated 24 October 2012 along with its enclosures, received from the PMDC, and take necessary action in this regard.

The faculty members who have already received Faculty Registration Certificate from PMDC are advised to kindly submit the copy of same in the office of Additional Registrar and in the meanwhile shall send following details to update their record and respond to PMDC well in time

NameDesignationPMDC Reg. #Valid up toPDMC Faculty Registration #Valid Up to

The faculty members who have applied for Faculty Registration to PMDC are requested to provide following information

Name Designation PMDC Reg. # Valid up to Applied for PDMC Faculty Registration on (date) Re-Applied for PDMC Faculty Registration on (date) {if applicable}

The Deans, Chairperson and In-charge of Departments are requested to make sure that the teaching faculty working under their administrative control shall apply for Faculty Registration within 07 days